VAVA eyewear, avant-garde eyewear collection inspired by futuristic architecture, techno and art.

VAVA  eyewear, the latest Brand we launched in Óptica Gran Vía Barcelona, VAVA eyewear imagines a future between two contrasting extremes, black and white

VAVA eyewear strives for a contemporary pared back look in conjunction with the futurism, conceptualism and purism that is associated with Techno. The spirit of VAVA is based on the same principle: VAVA is conceptual and visionary in its essence.

VAVA associates the highly conceptual language of machinery and the arts. Everybody at VAVA lives by this philosophy, providing great consistency to this vision.

The collection is handmade at a small family-owned Italian factory and we pride ourselves on avoiding mass production. This gives us the freedom of creation and ensures outstanding quality.

 The present is real, the future is a vision.


Another key aspect of the brand is the use of Crystal Lenses. This reinforces the unique nature of the brand.
VAVA eyewear believes that only the natural purity of glass can ensure the best optical precision of a lens and the inalterability of its characteristics in time, along with its typical and unique transparency.

VAVA uses exclusively Barberini lenses. For many years Barberini has been a synonym of excellence in the optical glass sun lenses segment.



The frame of the glasses is made of cellulose acetate material from the Italian brand Mazzucchelli. A product of outstanding quality, considered by many the best acetate in the world.

The Mazzucchelli acetate produced since 1849 is one of the most innovative companies in the field of plastics, with high standards of quality. The acetate frames are handmade at small family-owned Italian factory, as we pride ourselves in avoiding mass production. Equally, to ensure freedom of creation and outstanding quality, we chose to not rely on investors.


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