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An outstanding selection of the best Independent Eyewear Firms chosen for their high quality and innovative designs.

— One of the most stylish Optician Shop In Barcelona —

Making a Difference



WE OFFER an outstanding selection of the best Independent Eyewear Firms chosen for their high quality and innovative designs.

In our brans you will find  stylish eyewear;
DIFFERENT glasses, EXCLUSIVE glasses, RETRO & VINTAGE glasses, SINGULAR glasses, MODERN & CREATIVE glasses.

OUR GOAL; TO FIND YOUR DREAM GLASSES, those that you have been looking for so long, you will find them here.


A careful selection of the best International Independent Eyewear Firms, chosen for their Design, Quality and Fashion.

At Óptica Gran Vía Barcelona you will find the best glasses collections from independent firms in the market, selected after a long process looking for a different product, for those who want to get out of the ordinary, “Mark the Difference”. We are constantly looking for new trends and fashion to ensure that our range incorporates the latest designs and materials from the International independent market. We hand-select each collection to create the most diverse and up-to-date collections available.



Chains for Frames by Susana Mata. The exquisite care of her “Own Design” and the creative spirit, make possible the creation of these unique and at the same time exclusive pieces at the forefront of fashion.

Frame Chain is a contemporary take on a standard issue glasses chain.  Inspired by jewelry, and to be worn with reading or sunglasses.  You can also wear it as a chain.